Strawberries And Cream Music Festival Hit With False Advertising Claims After Lil Wayne's Sudden Cancellation Due To Being Denied Entry By The Home Office

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Fans Have Emailed Strawberries And Cream Organizers Demanding Refunds After The Rapper Was Substituted For The Hip-Hop Star Last Minute

The Strawberries and Cream Music Festival (SCMF) has been hit with multiple refund and false advertising claims, after it emerged that American rapper Lil Wayne (Who was said to be performing at the event) was denied entry by the home office due to a 2010 firearms charge.

The SCMF Twitter account posted a statement yesterday saying quote: “Due to extreme circumstances beyond our control or influence, we are very sorry to inform you that Lil Wayne is now unable to perform at the festival on Saturday 18th June”.

The event organizers later announced that hip-hop artist Ludacris will be attending the event instead of Lil Wayne.

Organizers also announced that guests who bought tickets to see Lil Wayne can enter Sunday's event free of charge, or opt for a discount on tickets for the 2023 SCMF.

Fans who paid just to watch Lil Wayne perform were angered by the news, with one tweeting: “Gotta be issuing refunds here.

Literally the one act people are coming for is Lil Wayne, the only reason he hasn't performed in the UK for 12 years is due to him being refused entry into the UK for his firearms charge.

So surely someone at Strawberries and Cream should've checked this before announcing him right?”.

Another fan replied saying: “Absolutely no way!

Please can you let me and other Lil Wayne fans know where we can receive a full refund?

This is false advertising”.

Lil Wayne himself tweeted to fans to stop harassing the organizers stating: “Demanding refunds for the event is acceptable under these circumstances, but what is unacceptable is the harassment of the Strawberries and Cream Festival's organizers who had nothing to do with me being unable to attend Saturday's event.

If you wanna hound someone or a group for me not being able to preform, spam the UK's Home Office, as they're the actual reason why I cannot attend the show”.