Ubisoft Refuses To Make A New Blood Dragon Game

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(Published On The 28th Of September 2022) (Edited On The 1st Of October 2022) The 2013 80s Inspired DLC Is Considered By Many To Be The Greatest Entry In The Far Cry Series

The French video game publisher and developer Ubisoft has announced it has zero intentions of creating a sequel or prequel to the cult classic 2013 DLC and 2014 Stand-Alone Game, Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.

In Blood Dragon you play as Rex Power Colt (Played by Michael Biehn), a soldier who was killed during Vietnam War II and is brought back from the dead as a Mark IV Cyber-Commando to fight Communism once more during the Second Cold War, who is tasked with taking down rogue US Army Colonel, Ike Sloan (Played by Danny Blanco Hall), and his personal army of Cyber-Soldiers called Omega Force.

Since the DLC's first release nine years ago, it has sold 5.3 million copies according to figures released in 2020, it has a remastered version, a spinoff titled Trials of the Blood Dragon, comic books, and is even getting a Retro-Style cartoon show on Netflix next year.

But what fans want is a direct sequel or prequel to Blood Dragon, demands sadly made in vein as Ubisoft refuses to make it.

Michael Biehn himself has commented that he'd love to step back in the Cyber-Shoes of Rex Power Colt once more, stating during a 2021 interview with IGN: "When I was first contacted to play Rex Power Colt in 2013, the pitch was literally: What if Kyle Reese was the T-800 instead of Arnold Schwarzenegger?

I loved playing the character, he was goofy, cheesy, and a badass.

If Ubisoft wants to make another one, I'd be down to kick some more Cyber-Ass".

Ubisoft have already unleashed the dogs of war onto their consumer and player base, after removing DLC and multiplayer access for various older Assassin's Creed and Far Cry games in August this year, causing fans to review bomb Ubisoft games on Steam, the Xbox Live Marketplace, the PSN Store, and the UPlay Store.

Now Ubisoft have not only kicked the hornet's nest by revealing there will never be a Blood Dragon 2, but have also stirred the hive, with renewed review bombing campaigns now demanding that Blood Dragon 2 be made.

Ubisoft have stated: "We have made our intentions not to make another Blood Dragon game crystal clear, if you want one, make it yourself".

The statement didn't help the situation, as it's been showered in negative replies and down votes.

Though there is some method to the madness, as various members of the Far Cry community have banded together to make their own Blood Dragon 2, but Michael Biehn hasn't confirmed if he'd be reprising his role as Rex Power Colt for the fan game.