IndyRef2 Deemed Illegal by Liz Truss

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The Scottish Devolved Government Has Announced An Independence Referendum Will Take Place Next Year Regardless Of London's Verdict On The Legality Of IndyRef2

The Scottish National Party (SNP) led by Scottish First Minister, Nicola Strurgeon, has announced that IndyRef2 will go ahead regardless of it being deemed illegal by the Prime Minister, Liz Truss, and currently under examination by the UK Supreme Court.

Liz Truss has called Scottish Independence: "A fantasy which will never be fulfilled, a dream which will never come true", and has personally deemed IndyRef2: "Illegal, Wrong, and Illegitimate". 

Scotland has been a devolved nation of the United Kingdom since the 1st of May 1707, when the Acts of Union between the Kingdom of Scotland and the Kingdom of England formed the United Kingdom of England and Scotland (Now known as Great Britain) following the Anglo-Scottish War waged between 1512 and 1706.

The first IndyRef in 2014 concluded that over half of Scotland's population wanted to remain in the Union, but following BREXIT, the Covid-19 Pandemic, and the ongoing Cost of Living Crisis and war in Ukraine the Scottish Parliament are demanding a second independence referendum.

It is unknown what will happen if the UK Supreme Court deems IndyRef2 legal, it succeeds, and Scotland leaves the United Kingdom.

Monarchists in Scotland say it will revert to the Kingdom of Scotland with the current Duke of Edinburgh, who's yet to be chosen by King Charles III, becoming the first Scottish King in over 300 years.

The SNP themselves have vowed to make an independent Scotland a republic, akin to the Republic of Ireland, and vote to rejoin the European Union (EU).

Unionists and Scottish Conservatives say that an independent Scotland should be partitioned like the British Raj (Present day Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, and Burma/Myanmar) or the devolved nation of Northern Ireland (Also known as Ulster) and the Republic of Ireland which gained full independence from the British Empire in 1949.

But the most widely accepted and anticipated outcome of a successful IndyRef2 is the British Army marching over Hadrian's Wall into Scotland and occupying the separatist devolved nation, a move Liz Truss has made no intention to hide from both the British government in London and the Scottish devolved government in Holyrood, Edinburgh. 

This hypothetical but possibly impending fourth civil war to grip the island of Albion has resulted in stern warnings from both the EU Parliament in Brussels, Belgium, and the United States government, who've threatened to place heavy sanctions on the United Kingdom if Liz Truss and/or the British Government doesn't respect Scottish Independence should IndyRef2 be deemed legal and succeeds.