Biden's "Ministry Of Truth" Temporarily Shut Down After Public Backlash Against The Disinformation Governance Board

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Joe Biden Has Announced That The Department Of Homeland Security And The Federal Communications Commission Derived Agency Would Be "Paused" After Protests Broke Out Against "America's Ministry Of Truth"

US president Joe Biden has announced that the White House, the Department of Homeland Security (D.H.S.) and the Federal Communications Commission (F.C.C.)'s new joint government agency, the Disinformation Governance Board (D.G.B.) will be “Temporarily Shut Down” following mass protests against the new government agency broke out across the country.
The D.G.B. which had been established on April 27th 2022, is responsible for aiding federal agencies to route out disinformation and fake news on the internet and having it struck down.
The D.G.B.'s goal is to ensure free speech, civil rights and liberties, and privacy on the internet whilst removing anything that contradicts the facts and spreads hate.
However Republicans and internet freedom groups like the Electronic Frontier Foundation (E.F.F.) have denounced this “Ministry of Truth”, as “Liberal and Woke bias” would mean favouritism towards some things being taken off the internet and some not.
The D.G.B., D.H.D., and F.C.C. have all assured lawmakers that: “We are not the thought police, and we are sorry of our methods of fighting misinformation online on a federal level weren't clearly marked”.
On Wednesday the 18th of May, the D.G.B. was temporarily shut down, pending an investigation of bias and a review into the 3 week old government agency's effectiveness.
The D.H.D. And F.C.C. have now temporarily disavowed themselves from the D.G.B., whilst the investigation is ongoing.
The American public has praised the temporary shut down of “Biden's Ministry of Truth”, calling it: “A win for internet freedom, and the 1st Amendment."
The 1st Amendment of the US Bill of Rights states that: "Americans have the right to freedom of speech, a free and fair press, and peaceful/lawful assembly.
Many also claim that the D.G.B. Was set up to solely help Biden oppress the internet, after the US president made his wishes to revoke Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act clear to the American people.
Section 230 states that: “The 1 Amendment rights of the American people are to apply towards the internet, and content on the internet (Images, Videos, ETC) cannot be removed without just cause by the proper legal authorities".  
In simpler terms: You can post adult pornography, gore, family photos, images and videos of violent movies and video games, ETC onto the internet.
But you cannot post child pornography, rape videos, legal evidence, or government documents onto the internet.
Biden made his wishes to revoke Section 230 clear following videos of ISIS be-headings, public lynchings, and school shootings being spread on the internet from 2012 and as recently as the shooting in Buffalo, New York.
The footage of which is protected by Section 230 of the 1996 Communications Decency Act.
Joe Biden along with the D.G.B, the D.H.D., and the F.C.C. Have all denied attempting to oppress the internet and violating the 1st Amendment.