Charles Leclerc Bungles Pole Position At Monza

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(First Published On The 12th Of September 2022) (Edited On The 13th Of September 2022) Leclerc Had Gained A 0.145 Second Lead Over Verstappen During Qualifying, But By The End Had Lost The Lead To The Dutch World Champion.

Ferrari's Charles Leclerc was given the biggest verbal beat down by his team, after the Monegasque F1 driver cocked up just as quickly as the race began, resulting in Red Bull's Max Verstappen taking the checkered flag at Monza yesterday.

The saddest part about all this, was that Leclerc had beaten Verstappen to Pole Position during Qualifying with an unbelievable 0.145 seconds between the two drivers, and that he was able to get ahead of the pack early on in the race.

Despite Ferrari running their engines at a higher speed than before, likely due to it being a home race for the team, Leclerc wasn't able to ward off Verstappen's Red Bull for long due to tyre failure.

It is speculated that if Charles Leclerc had stayed out on the track during the virtual safety car, gambling on his tyers holding up instead of pitting during the virtual safety car, he could've been able to inch past Max Verstappen before the checkered flag.

This we can assume was what was running through Leclerc's head when he finished the race, and was spotted balling his eyes out next to his car.

Ferrari's poor reliability and pit strategy have cost the prancing horses nearly 10 races now this season, but die hard loyalists still have hope for the struggling team as the Singapore Grand Prix is scheduled to take place next month.

Speaking of disappointing performances, Mercedes's Sir Lewis Hamilton MBE had finished in a terrible 5th place, continuing the trend of the F1 World Champion falling in the standings following a high-profile win, a trend started in 1976 when former McLaren's James Hunt won the World Championship following the Japanese Grand Prix that year, before retiring from F1 in the middle of the 1979 F1 Season following poor results and the death of his good friend Ronnie "Superswede" Peterson after a crash during the 1978 Italian Grand Prix partially caused by James Hunt.

The F1 World Championship Curse doesn't affect all drivers, but it has affected superstars like Michael Schumacher and Ayrton Senna, thankfully for Leclerc, he has yet to win a World Championship in F1.