Archie Battersbee's Life Support Termination Delayed After Final Appeal Reaches The UK Supreme Court

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His Life Support Was Scheduled To Be Turned Off An Hour Ago After Three Judges Ruled That Keeping Archer Battersbee Was: "Not In His Best Interest".

A surprise delay in the termination of Archie Battersbee's life support has unfolded, after the UK Supreme Court agreed to contemplate appealing the decision to end the 12 year old's life.

Archie has been brain dead since April 7th of this year, when his parent's found him unconscious in their Southend, Essex, home.

He's been comatose ever since, with brain damage setting in following being rushed to hospital.

Doctors and three previous judges ruled Archie had suffered from brainstem death in mid-May, and that presently his organs have started to fail. 

The UK Supreme Court told doctors at 12:00 to hold their horses, as they contemplate a UN committee's request to continue life support treatment.

Archie's parents welcome the consideration of their fourth appeal against the termination of their son's life support, though his mother admitted that: "We must not count our chickens before they hatch".