Gujarat Beaches Closed Following An Incursion By Lions

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Packs Of Lions Have Been Spotted Across Beaches In The Indian State, Forcing Many To Be Closed Down In Fear For Public Safety.

Authorities may close beaches for a variety of reasons: A whale beaches itself, a body washes ashore, or the waters are shark infested.

But what about packs of lions taking a vacation to the beach?

That's just what happened to multiple beaches in Gujarat, India, where authorities closed the beaches fearing for the public's safety after the lions were spotted.

The coastal areas of Western India are home to over 100 Asiatic Lions, with over 400 populating the nearby Gir Forest.

Experts say the lions are moving towards the coasts due to habitat loss and poaching, with Dr Nishith Dhariya commenting that: “Normally it's difficult for lions to adapt to coastal habitats, but now they have no choice but to do so.

Due to a variety of factors including habitat loss, poaching, and droughts”.