Jill Biden Called A Racist After Calling Hispanic Americans Tacos

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The First Lady Has Apologised But Her Comments May Have Caused A Fall In The Democrat's Hispanic Voting Bloc

The First Lady of the United States, Jill Biden, has been called a racist after comparing Hispanics to Tacos.

The Hispanic, Mexican, Spanish, Chicano, and Latino communities in the United States have united to condemn the First Lady, the President, and the Democratic Party for her comments.

The National Association of Hispanic Journalists stated: “We're not Tacos.

We call on the First Lady to take time to better under stand the Latinos, Mexicans, Hispanics, and Chicanos living in the United States.

Our heritage is shaped by a variety of Spanish, British, and French cultures and foods, don't reduce us to stereotypes”.

Democrats fear that Jill Biden's racist language cost them their Latino voting bloc, a vital part of their election and re-election campaigns.

Polls have revealed that following Jill's Taco comment, around 52% of Hispanic voters shifted to the Republican Party.

Her husband isn't doing any better in maintaining popularity among the Latino population, only 26% of them approving of Joe Biden's presidency and administration.