What's Left Of The Sri Lankan Government Declares Martial Law Across The Island After Mass Protests And Raids In Colombo

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As Sri Lanka Faces It's Biggest Challenge As A Country Since Gaining Independence From the British Empire, Protesters Have Stormed The Presidential Palace And Major Banks In The Nation's Capital.

The remaining members of the Sri Lankan government in Colombo have declared martial law and a state of emergency, after protestors raided the presidential palace and banks in the city.

Tens of thousands of Sri Lankans stormed the official residences of the Prime Minister and President, both of whom resigned this week.

Sri Lanka (Formally known as Ceylon) gained independence from the British Empire in 1948, the Ceylon government fled to India after a socialist coup and the country being renamed to the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka.

What's left of the Ceylon government have announced their bid to return to power and ending the socialist regime in Sri Lanka, with some welcoming the move and some critical of their legitimacy.

Local authorities have announced it will be taking drastic measures to quell the mass unrest in Colombo, using live ammunition and pepper spray grenades to try and disband the mob.