Smart Tech Has Taken Over Our Lives For The Worst

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People Are Glued To Their Phones Instead Of Interacting With Friends, Family, And/Or Their Significant Other.

Studies have found that more people are addicted to their phones and the internet, than hard drugs like Heroin and Crack Cocaine.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology did a study surrounding people who use their phones non stop, and found that once taken away the participants showed similar reactions to withdrawal symptoms.

Including anger, fidgeting, blurred vision, low attention spans, memory loss, bouts of confusion, and an undying urge to get the phone back.

Another study by Cambridge University on tech addiction, monitored the participant's viewing habits.

They found that participants would spend up to 5 hours on a single app, and some would only use two or three apps throughout the study.

Stanford University in California did a study on how social media affected young girls and teenage boys, which found that young girls began to show signs of Gender and Body Dysmorphia, whilst teenage boys became easy to anger and hard to engage with.

A majority of tech addiction cases revolve around smartphones and gaming devices, with the World Health Organization adding Internet Gaming Disorder (IGD) to it's international classification of diseases.

Parents have also complained about how their children have become hooked to their phones, tablets, and gaming devices.

Rehabilitation Clinics in Europe and the United States are already offering to treat Internet and Gaming Addiction as far back as 2017, much to the ire of users who claim that they're: “Boomers”. (Whatever that means).

Proposals have been made to limit private internet access or have an age requirement to own smartphones, but the deep entrenchment of such technologies would such legislation borderline impossible to enact.

Professor Phil Reed of Swansea University in Wales, says tech addiction and IGD: “Is disrupting your life and it's terrible, regardless if it's viewed as an addiction or a mental disorder.

You can see a complete and total disruption to the sufferer's life.

Their ability to function, their ability to form meaningful relationships, hold a job, etc.

The whole spectrum of their life falls apart because they're spending too much time on their phones or gaming machines”.