Smile For The Birdie: Andrea Jenkyns Gives The One Finger Salute To Protesters Outside Downing Street

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The New Education Minister Claims: "It Was The Only Human Thing To Do, After Years Of Verbal Abuse".

A joint coalition of teaching unions including Unison, ASCL, NAHT, and the NEU have condemned the action of newly appointed Minister for Education, Andrea Jenkyns, after she gave protestors the bird whilst outside Downing Street.

Jenkyns later stated that she gave the crowd the one finger salute due to: “Years of abuse being flown at her from the opposition and protesters alike”.

A joint letter from the joint union coalition issued a public letter against the new Minister of Education, saying that: “As representatives of the teachers, leaders, and support staff who run our nations schools and colleges.

We're deeply aware of just how important professional conduct, ethical standards, and appropriate behaviour is.

We've noted Andrea Jenkyns's unique jester to what she called a baying mob, and her excuses for doing so.

Frankly, your explanations justifying the act are no longer good enough.

As role models, politicians are increasingly falling short of the standards expected of them.

Your words wouldn't be an acceptable excuse from a pupil or member of staff in a school, college, or university.

We believe that you should publicly acknowledge the impact of your loss of composure is to have on your ability as the new Minister of Education, to maintain common decency in schools.

Given the legitimate current concerns about the conduct of those in public life, we're making this letter public”.

Jenkyns has announced since the publication of the letter that she didn't regret what she did, and that she will defend herself from future attacks in a similar manner.