Faroe Islanders Dismayed After Government Announces New Limit To The Island's Traditional Grindadrap

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The Grindadrap Has Been Condemned By Animal Rights Groups Over The Culling Of Dolphins And Wales Which Takes Place During The Event

The government in the Danish territory of the Faroe Islands has announced a new limit to it's annual and controversial Dolphin and Whale cull, lowering it from 2,000 to 500.

The inhabitants use the dolphins and whales killed in the cull for food and resources, a national past time that has been criticized by animal rights groups such as PETA and the WWF.

Islanders have protested the limit, as the culling of dolphins and whales has fed them for generations.

Faroe Islanders first started the Grindadrap nearly 400 years ago, when food became scarce on the island.

A worldwide petition with 1.3 million signatures to ban the Grindatrap was sent to the Faroese government last year, which they rejected in favour of the 500 limit.

The government in the Danish territory has stated that: “The Grindatrap isn't needless or evil, we see it as a way to keep people fed and grow our economy”.