Boris Johnson Resigns After Months Of Turmoil As Prime Minister

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The Cost Of Living Crisis, Covid Pandemic, War In Ukraine, And Partygate Have All Taken Their Toll On The Prime Minister Who's Just Given His Resignation Speech.

Boris Johnson has announced that he will be resigning as Conservative Party Leader and Prime Minister this morning, only a day after Rishi Sunak resigned from his roll as Chancellor of the Exchequer.

Johnson has vowed to continue serving as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom until a suitable replacement can be found.

The Prime Minister is giving a speech outside Downing Street, stating: “It is clearly now the will of the Conservative Party that there should be a new leader of the party, and therefore a new Prime Minister.

The process of choosing a new Prime Minister has begun, I will continue to serve as leader until my replacement is found.

I've agreed with Sir Graham Brady, the chairman of our backbench MPs, that this be the case.

We must keep levelling up, keep unleashing the potential of every part of the United Kingdom, if we can do that we will be the most prosperous in Europe.

No one in politics is indispensable, our brilliant and Darwinian system will produce another leader.

It is eccentric to change governments when we're delivering so much in such vast mandates, when the economic scene is so difficult domestically and internationally.

I regret not to be successful in arguments, and it's painful not to see through so many ideas and projects.

Above all, I want to thank the British public fir the immense privilege you've given me.

Being Prime Minister is an education in itself, I've travelled to every part of the UK and I've found so many people possessed of such boundless British originality and so willing to tackle old problems in new ways.

I want you to know how sad I am to be giving up the best job in the world.

Even if things can sometimes seem dark now, our future together is golden”.

Boris Johnson's resignation as Prime Minister came after he'd won a no confidence vote launched against him following the Sue Gray report into Partygate, where the Prime Minister and other Tory MPs held parties during lockdown.

Labour's Sir Keir Starmer has issued a response saying: “I welcome the news of Boris Johnson's resignation, something we've all been clambering for over the course of Partygate and the cost of living crisis.

However the damage had already been done, bipartisan efforts to De-Johnsonfy the UK will take years to accomplish”.

Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in 2019, when Theresa May resigned from Number 10 following the conclusion of the Brexit transitional period between 2016 and 2019. 

It unknown who will be the next Prime Minister, but many have theorised Dominic Raab and Priti Patel are prime candidates.