Tina Turner passes away at 83

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The Incredible Rock & Roll Singer, Tina Turner, has died aged 83-years-old

Her explosive, raspy voice was unmistakable, she was an unforgettable live performer and Tina Turner who lived an incredible life has died at 83 years old. Her chart-topping songs such as ‘The best’ catapulted her to global stardom in the 1980s. She made it look easy, but getting there was a long and hard journey to make in difficult times for aspiring entertainers.

Soon after the news broke of Tina Turner’s death flowers started to appear at her ‘star’ on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. Turner’s music and film career spanned decades and she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame twice. New York City’s famous Apollo Theater in Harlem honoured her on Wednesday with top-billing on its Marquee and in London a musical based on Turner’s life and music has been playing at the Aldridge Theater for years. The show was in intermission when it was learned that Turner had died and the cast informed the audience and decided to pay tribute to her by continuing with the show.

Tina Turner’s career spanned 5 decades as she made groundbreaking music and incredible live performances, but it seems it’s her own personal stories that really stand out. She walked away from an abusive marriage, leaving behind her husband and professional partner and was financially ruined in debt but she went on for an incredible second-act. Turner was really, truly one of a kind and ultimately her life’s story that’s as impressive and inspiring as the incredible music that she made and performances she gave.

Tina Turner was already a legend when people heard her voice singing in the 1960s and they did not know at that time until years later was that she was trapped at the time in the living-hell of an abusive marriage, yet she took a tough decision and walked away from that bad marriage and resolved to not let that define her and she started over and that was inspiring to so many people for so many years. She went on with that confidence in herself after outgrowing her history, making a huge impact as a vocalist and a live-performer and carving a new life for herself. Part of that new life came with her solo album ‘Private Dancer’ released in 1984 and was reviewed by the New York Times as

“…the Album is a landmark not only in the career of the 45-year-old singer, whose been recording since the late 1950s, but in the evolution of Pop-soul music itself…”

The ‘Private Dancer’ album was released in the mid-1980s to groundbreaking reception, with remarkable vocals on songs like the title track ‘what’s love got to do with it’, but just as remarkable is the fact that she was 45 and at that time people in their 40s were not expected to make Pop hits. Thus this was revolutionary in the way she was able to restart her career and show how much charisma and power she had and the stories she still had left to tell and that really resonated with people all over the world who christened her ‘The Queen’