Pakistan: Former Prime Minister Imran Khan's Home Stormed by Police

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Imran Khan has appeared in an Islamabad court following the suspension of a warrant for his arrest. Meanwhile, his Lahore home was raided by police.

Police in Pakistan stormed former Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence in the eastern city of Lahore on Saturday and arrested 30 people amid tear gas shelling after someone opened fire from the roof of the building, officials said.

The move followed days of standoff and clashes between police and his supporters around the property, where police had attempted to arrest Khan on Tuesday.

Imran Khan was addressing charges in an Islamabad court of unlawfully selling state gifts given to him by foreign dignitaries will he was in office.

Khan says he received the gifts legally.

The former prime minister told the Reuters news agency that he had formed a committee to lead his center-right Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party in case of his arrest.

The former prime minister failed to attend a hearing on Tuesday, after which a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Imran Khan told DW that he did not attend the hearing because it was a "death trap" that lacked proper security guarantees.

"The only reason this whole big thing blew up because of one appearance that I didn't make," he said. "And that appearance was in this in a court where all my security team told me that there was no protection."

"On one hand, the government says your life is under threat. Secondly, they want me to appear in this particular court, which is a death trap," he said.

"It was only that one appearance I missed and that led to these warrants."

The former prime minister has argued that the charges against him are politicized, constituting an attempt to prevent him from running from office.

Pakistani police have entered the Lahore property of Imran Khan, the former prime minister tweeted.

Khan said that the "siege" in Lahore was aimed at preventing the politician from conducting his election campaign.

He said that it was "clear" that the government sought to arrest him despite the suspension of the Tuesday warrant. But Khan said that he was "going to Islamabad to appear in court because I believe in the rule of law."

Meanwhile, parts of the capital were sealed by police on Saturday, Islamabad police chief Akbar Nasir said.