The EBU And BBC In Talks For UK To Host 2023's Eurovision Amid Safety Concerns Regarding War-Torn Ukraine Hosting The Event

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The UK (Who Came Second In This Year's Eurovision Song Contest In Italy) May Be Given Hosting Duties As Ukraine Is Still At War With Russia

The BBC and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) have entered talks for the UK to potentially host the 2023 Eurovision Song Contest in Ukraine's stead, due to concerns about the war in Ukraine.

The rules of Eurovison state that whoever should win the contest that year, their country must host it the following year.

But since Ukraine won the 2022 Eurovision Contest in Turin, Italy, questions have been raised over the safety of the 2023 Eurovision in Mariupol.

Mainly in regards to the ongoing of the Russian invasion, and the safety of musicians, attendees, and the judges.

The UK have suggested that they'd host the event instead of Ukraine, if the war doesn't end by next year.

The Eurovision organizers have agreed to the proposal and are in talks with the British government, to draft a Plan B in case Ukraine is unable to host the event in 2023.