Lada And Moskvich Re-Nationalized After Renault Pulls Out Of Russia

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The Two Soviet-Era Car Companies Were Bought By French Car Maker Renault Before Being Driven From Russia Following The War In Ukraine

Renault owned Russian car companies Lada and Moskvich have been sold back to the Russian government for an unspecified amount of money, following the French auto-maker's decision to leave the country following the war in Ukraine.

Lada and Moskvich are known for their Fiat derived Riva and 412 models respectively, which gave the Soviet people and KGB the ability to use modern (For the 1960s) automotive technologies.

This marks the first Russian nationalization of a foreign business since the formation of the Soviet Union in 1922.

The Kremlin has stated that: “This reclamation of Russian culture from the west, marks a glorious return of the names Lada and Moskvich as truly Russian car companies”.