Unite Union Continues Strike At Port Of Felixstowe

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Both Unite And Port Authorities Have Failed To Solve The Pay Rise Issue Which Caused An Eight Day Strike In Late August

The labour union Unite has announced that a second large scale strike is to occur at the Port of Felixstowe in Suffolk, with the labour union confirming the strike will last from the 27th of September to the 5th of October, after Unite and port authorities once again failed to find a solution to address their pay rise concerns.

For the same reasons they conducted an eight day strike between the 20th and 28th of August, Unite will have 2,000 dock workers at the Port of Felixstowe conduct a walk-out and strike action for another eight days.

Port of Felixstowe officials stated: "In the most recent pay packet revision rejected by Unite's leaders, workers would've gotten a £50 per hour pay rise with a one-time bonus of £500".

Unite retorted that they rejected the proposal due to it not matching the rate of inflation, which they report has to be 12x more than what the Port of Felixstowe is offering their members.

The National Leader of Unite, Bobby Morton, told media outlets: "The latest strike action is entirely of Felixstowe's own making.

Rather than seeking to negotiate a deal to resolve the dispute, management instead tried to impose a pay deal.

Our planned strike action at the Port of Felixstone will coincide with our two week walkout at the Port of Liverpool between the 19th of September and 3rd of October over similar industrial disputes". 

A Port of Liverpool spokesman has called Unite's demands: "An attempt to hold the UK hostage for a ransom we cannot ever afford to pay".