Ryan Giggs Relieved By Hung Jury

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The Jury In The Domestic Abuse Trial Led By His Ex-Wife Have Failed To Reach A Verdict In The Last 23 Hours

The jury in charge of deciding the fate of former Manchester United star Ryan Giggs have been excused, after failing to reach a verdict concerning any of the charges filed against him by his ex-wife Kate Greville.

Ms Greville had taken the Premier League legend to court over allegations of domestic abuse during their relationship, which Giggs denies.

She alleges that Giggs was controlling, violent, adulterous, and overtly dominant in their relationship, though Giggs has admitted to committing Adultery he's continued to deny the assault and abuse allegations.

Two of the major pieces of evidence to the contrary come in the form of a 2017 incident where whilst traveling in Dubai the pair got into an argument which resulted in Giggs dragging a bare naked Kate Greville across the floor of their hotel room before ditching her in the hallway, and a 2020 incident involving Giggs headbutting her during an argument at his home. 

The jury, made up of seven women and four men, over the span of 23 hours couldn't vote in favour or against Griggs, after they were told repeatedly by judge Hilary Manley not to let his status as one of England's greatest footballers of our generation cloud their judgement.

Their unanimous disagreement over the charges comes after hearing the cases made by both Kate Greville and Ryan Giggs for a month, played out for everyone to hear and see on national television.

The Crown Persecution Service has been given a week to decide if it should conduct a retrial, should this occur a new jury would be chosen and then sworn in.    

Should a retrial indeed be pursued, it would not take place until the 5th of June 2023.