Players Of The First Person Shooter Team Fortress 2 Have Called For New Anti-Cheating Policies As The Game Is Ravaged By Bots

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The Popular Online Shooting Game Has Been Swamped With Negative Reviews As Valve Refuses To Fix The Problem

The popular online multiplayer shooter Team Fortress 2 has been suffering from a bot problem for the past couple of months.

In video game terminology, a “Bot” is an artificial replication of a player or an action meant to give the user an advantage over normal players who don't have bots.

The usage of bots in online shooters has led to several policies being put in place by video game companies like EA, Activision, and Epic Games in order to kick or ban users of bot functions like invincibility and the infamous aim-bot.

But players of Team Fortress 2 have no such protection, as the anti-cheating policies for the game haven't changed in nearly 5 years.

Gamers have launched complaints towards Valve, the company that owns Team Fortress 2, to update their anti-cheating software and policies as players have reported seeing more bots than real players in match roasters.

Valve has not given their response to the demands of players, which has driven player numbers to a historic low for the iconic online shooter, and for players to spam the game with negative reviews on the online gaming relater Steam .

Steam, also owned by Valve, has also refused to comment on issues with Team Fortress 2's anti-cheating software.