LIV Fails To Poach The Tiger

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Tiger Woods's High Profile Return To The PGA Tour Had Made Him A Prime Choice For LIV As They Gobble Up Golfers With Multi-Million Dollar And Pound Pay Checks

The American golfer Tiger Woods has rejected proposals from breakaway series LIV to join them, after his high profile return to the PGA Tour.

LIV was reported to be offering the star $800 Million (£735 Million) to defect, but Tiger's loyalty to the PGA remains strong.

Tiger Woods like many others have accused LIV of sportswashing, due to being heavily backed by Saudi Arabia.

LIV's CEO, Greg Norman, told media outlets that: "LIV was created to be an alternative to the PGA who've held a monopoly over golf for as long as we can remember, the fact we pose a credible threat to that monopoly has them scared.

We approached Tiger Woods with a generous offer and he declined, that's his choice.

But a poor one to make".

Tiger Woods issued a statement on the matter by saying: "I disagree with LIV, not just because of sportswashing.

They're very shady about how their money is truly earned, basically what I'm saying is that their lack of transparency leaves me hanging.

I cannot play for a splinter league who's operations are more shady than the KGB".

LIV have refused to retort Tiger Wood's comments.