Warner Brothers Announces New Batgirl Movie Will Be Canned After Poor Test Screenings

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The Film Was Only Months Away From Being Shown In Theatres Before The Plug Was Pulled By DC And Warner Bros

A new Batgirl movie starring Leslie Grace has been scrapped mere months before release, after the film was panned by test audiences in the US and UK.

Filmed near exclusively in Glasgow, Scotland, the $70 Million (£58 Million) film being scrapped has angered the SNP who called it: "A huge deal for the city wasted".

Warner Bros and DC have also announced their Scoob Holliday Haunt film set for release before Halloween, has also been scrapped.

Though bad test reactions have been made the official cause for Batgirl being shelved, many see the 2021 merger between Warner Bros and Discovery as the real reason why the movie was scrapped.

With new CEO, David Zalslav, calling the cancelation of Batgirl: "Part of our new strategy which revolves around what viewers actually want to watch".