Dame Vivienne Westwood’s personal wardrobe to be auctioned.

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Dame Vivienne Westwood's clothing is set to go under the hammer, and the event promises to be as fabulously rebellious as the woman herself.

The late fashion designer, who passed away on 29 December 2022, left behind more than just her legacy and signature ‘regency-punk’ aesthetic. She also amassed an incredible collection of garments.

The auction offers a peek into Westwood's personal wardrobe, showcasing some of her most iconic looks from the last four decades. All items, from garments to shoes and jewellery, are from her eponymous fashion house and hold significant historical and cultural value. The earliest piece dates back to the Witches collection from autumn/winter 1983/84.

Part I of the live auction will also feature THE BIG PICTURE – Vivienne’s Playing Cards: Collect the cards. These prints, part of a 2017 project dubbed ‘A Strategy 2 Save the World,’ highlight pressing global issues such as climate change, social inequality, and human rights.

Shortly before her death, Westwood chose ten powerful graphics from her series to be enlarged and printed posthumously. This project, overseen by The Vivienne Foundation, will raise funds for NGOs, fulfilling her final wishes.

Known as one of Britain’s most influential fashion designers, Westwood was not just about fashion; she was a fierce advocate for social and environmental causes. The proceeds will go to several causes dear to Westwood’s heart, including The Vivienne Foundation, Amnesty International, Médecins Sans Frontières, and Greenpeace.

For those eager to explore this iconic collection, there is more than just the chance to purchase her incredible pieces. Christie’s will host a free exhibition celebrating Westwood’s life and legacy. The event, Radical Thinking: A Celebration of Vivienne Westwood, takes place on Thursday 20 June and will showcase the items from her wardrobe that are being auctioned, featuring garments, jewellery, and accessories from her fashion house. Set against a backdrop of fashion, punk iconography, and contemporary art, the event will include panel discussions, performances, and workshops. However, be sure to register on Christie’s Lates, as entry is on a first-come, first-served basis once capacity is reached.

Westwood's journey from a small boutique called Let it Rock in 1971, co-founded with Malcolm McLaren, to her revolutionary runway shows, highlights her extraordinary career as a designer. Her first runway show in 1981, the Pirate collection, brought a burst of romanticism to the London fashion scene, marking a significant shift in her design philosophy. She began to draw inspiration from traditional Savile Row tailoring and historical British art.

The auction is a testament to Westwood's enduring influence on fashion and culture. Her personal collection of clothes is a celebration of a life lived boldly, and a legacy that continues to inspire.