Greg Rutherford Rushes Six-Year-Old Son to Hospital with Head Injury

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Greg Rutherford had to rush his six-year-old son to hospital with a bloody head injury. The incident occurred shortly after Greg Rutherford sustained a serious injury during his time on Dancing on Ice, which resulted in his departure from the show.

The Olympian took to social media to inform his followers that his son had been involved in a serious accident. Reflecting on his own recent injury while competing on Dancing on Ice, Greg joked that his son was just as accident-prone as he is.

Posting to his Instagram stories, Greg wrote: "It would seem we have created my exact replica in Rexy. Another head injury to leave another scar. He's got a few more to go to match me, but he's doing his best to catch up."

The 37-year-old is father to Milo, eight, Rex, six, and Daphne, two, with his fiancée Susie Verrill. The former track and field athlete missed the Dancing on Ice final after "effectively giving himself a C-section" while preparing for the rink.

Greg sustained the injury by sliding through the legs of professional skaters Brendyn Hatfield and Colin Grafton and was forced to withdraw from the competition on the morning of the final. Greg broke his silence via a post on his Instagram account two weeks later.

He said: "Long story short, I leapt through the legs of Brendyn and Colin and managed to tear all of my abs as well as herniate. So I effectively gave myself a C-section." Hours later, he shared a post-op update, writing: "Operation done. Recovery starts here."

This month, Greg revealed he was left "shaken" after a horrific incident at his home. He shared footage of the aftermath of the disturbing event, pointing out how his children were very close to injury from the falling glass shards.

His living room was strewn with glass fragments, pieces spread all over the sofa and scattered across the floor surrounding it. Greg described the event, saying: "One of the most terrifying experiences - one of our skylights up here just exploded - just, literally, me standing in the kitchen watching the TV on the wall, and it just went - bang! And glass went everywhere."

He continued narrating a video, saying that his eight-year-old son, Milo, was sitting beneath that very skylight doing his homework just moments before the glass broke. He reminisced: "I kid you not, two minutes before, Milo was down here doing some school work, and I said, 'it's a nice day, go out on the deck, mate'."

He went on to add: "Thank God I did that because if not, I can't even imagine what could have happened. I have no idea if it's the sun that's heated it up, and it's happened, or if something like this happens. I cannot explain to you how terrifying..."

He further shared that he was within striking distance of the shattered glass, saying: "I've been walking in and out because I've been trying to tidy up today, I've walked past this 50 times in the last half an hour. I don't know. What a harrowing thing to happen."