Hershey Declares Halloween Candy Shortage

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The American Candy Company Has Warned Of Lower Than Average Stocks Of Dedicated Halloween Candy Packages Due To The Ongoing Heatwave And Low Cocoa Yields

The US based chocolate manufacturer and candy maker Hershey has declared a Halloween candy shorted, after low cocoa yields and the ongoing heatwave affected production.

Known for Rees's Pieces and Chocolate Kisses, the company has reported chocolate melting in the backs of delivery vans across the US and Europe due to the 40c (103f) heat still plaguing those areas.

They've also reported that yields of cocoa plants used to make chocolate have diminished in South America and West Africa, due to ongoing droughts on the two cocoa plant producing continents. 

Rival chocolate manufacturers Mars and Nestle have also reported similar shortages of chocolate, going into the Halloween sales quarter.

Halloween candy sales make over £500 Million ($730 Million) per year for large candy companies like Hershey and Nestle, but due to the Covid Pandemic they lost two years worth of Halloween candy revenue.

Now it seems to be the case that a third year of Halloween candy profit losses will take place, as all major manufacturers declare shortages of chocolate.