WWE Universe Furious as Dominik Mysterio Surprisingly Aids Liv Morgan in Winning Women’s World Championship at King and Queen of the Ring

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Becky Lynch's reign as Women’s World Champion ended at King and Queen of the Ring PLE, with Liv Morgan capturing the title after a heated match. Dominik Mysterio's interference backfired, leading to Lynch's defeat. Fans are divided over Mysterio's actions and anticipate Liv Morgan's future as champion.

The temporary reign of Becky Lynch came to an end at King and Queen of the Ring PLE this afternoon. She commenced her title defense against Liv Morgan methodically. However, the latter seemed prepared. The bout was a stalemate for a while. At one point, both women were perched on the top rope. Nevertheless, the Women’s World Champion hit Morgan with a missile drop kick accurately. But she kicked out.

The challenger then executed a missile drop kick of her own, but it wasn’t enough to threaten Lynch. Liv caught Becky with a kick on her ear, but Lynch powered out at the last second. The Man eventually locked Morgan in a dis-arm her, and she screamed in agony. At ringside, Dominik Mysterio unexpectedly appeared.

This allowed Liv to hit Becky with a code breaker, but Lynch survived. Big Time Becks instructed Dom to leave the ringside area. Mysterio threw a steel chair towards Becky to help her thwart Morgan, but it backfired on Lynch. Gionna Daddio hit her with another code breaker, and Becky was on the ring apron trying to provoke the referee.

Meanwhile, Daddio saw the steel chair lying on the canvas and used it against The Man by ensuring she went headfirst on the chair via DDT. Finally, the 29-year-old from New Jersey defeated Becky Lynch after executing her finishing maneuver, the Oblivion. Consequently, Liv Morgan captured the Women’s World title, with Dominik visibly upset at the outcome.

Fans dragged Rhea Ripley into the mix after Dominik Mysterio affected Liv Morgan’s fate. Mysterio had vowed to do everything he could to keep Liv Morgan away from gold. However, the 26-year-old couldn’t keep his word, and Rhea Ripley would be disappointed. The Eradicator would’ve never expected the title that was once strapped around her waist to end up in Liv Morgan's hands after just a month of relinquishing it.

Reacting to Mysterio’s performance at King and Queen of the Ring, netizens on X criticised him. A fan said that Mami would now send her Dom-Dom back to prison. Another wondered if this would prompt the Australian wrestler to quit The Judgment Day.

Overall, fans seemed satisfied with how the title bout between Liv Morgan and Becky Lynch unfolded. Some were elated that Liv finally got one up on Lynch. It will be interesting to see how WWE books the newly-crowned champion.