Four Killed in Shooting at Greek Shipping Company; Includes Owner and Suspected Gunman

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In Glyfada, near Athens, a shooting at a shipping company office resulted in three fatalities, including the owner, with the suspected gunman, an employee, found dead by police special forces. Authorities ensured the safety of remaining employees during the incident.

Authorities reported that on Monday, three individuals tragically lost their lives in a shooting incident at the offices of a shipping company close to Athens. The suspected gunman also took his own life as police special forces were preparing to confront him.

The shooting took place at the office of a shipping company in Glyfada, a coastal suburb of the capital. Witnesses reported that the alleged gunman, an unidentified employee of the company, entered the building armed with a shotgun and a handgun.

Police spokesperson Constantia Dimoglidou confirmed that one of the victims in the tragic incident was the owner of the company, shedding light on the personal impact of the shooting.

Dimoglidou detailed that the suspected perpetrator, who was employed by the family, was discovered deceased in a separate area from the three other victims within the company premises. She noted that he was found with his assault weapon nearby and had apparently inflicted a fatal gunshot wound to his own head.

Dimoglidou mentioned that police and special forces officers had entered the building prior to locating the suspected shooter. Their primary focus was ensuring the safe evacuation of other employees from the premises.