Nigeria's Afrobeats Star Davido Under Probe Over Alleged Threat to Tiwa Savage

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Tiwa Savage claims that Davido has allegedly made "disrespectful, malicious, and derogatory" remarks in response to one of her Instagram posts.

The Lagos State Police Command has officially acknowledged receiving a petition from Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage, in which she alleges bullying and threats to her life by Grammy nominee Davido, also known as David Adeleke.

The State Police Public Relations Officer, Benjamin Hundeyin, responded to a PUNCH Metro inquiry on Tuesday, confirming that an investigation into the allegations had commenced.

"I can confirm to you that we have received the petition, and investigation has commenced," stated Benjamin Hundeyin, the State Police Public Relations Officer, in response to the inquiry from PUNCH Metro on Tuesday.

In the circulating petition, Tiwa Savage accuses Davido of using disrespectful language in response to a post that included herself and the singer's baby mama, Sophia Momodu, on Instagram.

Tiwa Savage detailed her disappointment with Davido's threats in the petition, reminding him of her support during challenging times, particularly when he lost his son, Ifeanyi.

Following the incident, Tiwa Savage asserts that she received calls from mutual connections inquiring about her actions that might have upset Davido and questioning her relationship with Sophia.

The petition states, "On the 23rd of December, I made a post that included myself and Sophia Momodu's Instagram Story. Mr. David Adeleke sent messages to my manager, who is also part of his management team, instructing me not to worry and never to speak a word to him. He accused me of taunting him and used disrespectful, malicious, and derogatory words against me."

In response to Mr. David Adeleke's message, I told him not to contact me, especially considering my support during difficult times, including the loss of his son. The subsequent events led to numerous calls and messages from mutual connections, questioning my relationship with Imade's mother, Sophia Momodu. I alleged that Davido portrayed the situation as if I were the aggressor and claimed he warned our mutual connections about me, suggesting that I should be cautious in Lagos as he intended to confront me.

Tiwa Savage expressed concern over Davido's alleged warning through mutual connections, stating it feels like a form of online and offline harassment, not just towards her but also her team members. She emphasized that Davido's actions are unethical and can be perceived as a direct threat to her rights to life, privacy, and personal dignity. The reported unfollowing of each other on Instagram added to the public attention surrounding the situation on January 6, 2024.

Davido and Savage, who had a previously cordial relationship, saw their children, Imade Adeleke and Jamil Balogun, follow in their parents' footsteps. The kids attended the same school and were often seen enjoying each other's company. Speculations about the reasons behind the unfollowing on social media include fans suggesting it might be linked to the growing friendship between Savage and Sophia, adding an element of intrigue to the situation.

Prior to the petition, Tee Billz, the music executive, had publicly criticized Davido for allegedly disrespecting his family and vowed to teach him a lesson. Tee Billz, in an Instagram post, specifically accused Davido of "bullying" his ex-wife, Tiwa Savage. As of the time of this report, attempts to contact Asa Asika, Davido's manager, were unsuccessful.