Lego Hit With Backlash After The Release Of Their Everyone Is Awesome Pride Set

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Parents Are Concerned That Their Kids Would Be Exposed To The Gay Agenda And Thus Indoctrinated Into The LGBTQ+ Community

Parents across Europe and America are outraged at the Danish toy maker Lego, after the company released their Everyone Is Awesome set.

A pun on The Lonely Island song Everything Is Awesome used in the 2014 Lego Movie, Everyone Is Awesome is a set that celebrates the LGBTQ+ Community.

As noble as that is, many parents are furious that Lego would promote gay and trans ideas on their kids.

One concerned parent said: “We don't want our boys to become feminine and girls to become masculine from playing with Lego”.

Another commented that: “I applaud Lego's acceptance of the LGBTQ+ Community , but I don't thing such matters are appropriate for children who're Lego's main demographic”.

Lego's spokeswoman has issued a statement on the subject, saying: “It has come to the attention of the Lego Group that some parents are concerned over our new Everyone Is Awesome set, which was made to celebrate Pride Month.

We simply retort with this: If you don't want your children exposed to LGBTQ+ values too early in their lives, don't buy the set.

Buy them a Star Wars, City, or Ninjago set instead”.