Yosemite's Giant Sequoia Trees Feared To Be In The Path Of Newest California Wildfire

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The Setting Of Endor In Return Of The Jedi, The Area Has Come Under Threat From A Forest Fire In A Nearby Woodland Area Of The Golden State

The newest wildfire in California is putting the longevity of Yosemite National Park at risk, as the fire is threatening the Giant Sequoia Trees.

The Washburn Fire has already destroyed 1,591 acres of woodland near Yosemite National Park, with firefighters trying to save the largest and oldest trees in the world.

500 of the famous trees in Mariposa Grove, including the 3,000 year old Grizzly Giant, are still at risk of being destroyed at this time.

None of the Giant Sequoias have been reported to have caught on fire or burnt down, but it won't be until the flames are fanned that a concrete answer would be established.

The Yosemite National Park and it's Giant Sequoia's are recognizable to many as the setting of the fictional forest moon of Endor, in George Lucas's 1983 hit film Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi.

Residents, campers, hikers, and Native Americans have been relocated, until the fire is put out.