US President Joe Biden Faces Impeachment After Misappropriating America's Oil Reserves

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The President Was Found To Have Sent Just Under 10 Million Barrels Worth Of Domestic Crude From The Nations Reserves To Asia And Europe

Americans who're already disapproving of the Biden Administration are calling for the President's impeachment, after it was revealed that he'd sent just under 10 million gallons worth of the US's emergency oil reserves to China, Italy, the Netherlands, and India.

The United States has oil reserve systems for domestic use, international trade, and emergencies.

Republicans and a minority of Democrats in Congress have accused the US President of: “Misappropriating the country's emergency oil reserves and sabotaging the domestic oil industry, during an ongoing fuel crisis manufactured by the President and his hardline Democrats”.

The price for petrol in most of the 50 States is now edging to $10 (£8.35) per gallon, as new green taxes went into effect and many oil and gas permits were rejected or cancelled after the US rejoined the Paris Climate Agreement.

In comparison during the term of former US President, Donald Trump.

The United States achieved total resource independence in 2019, the domestic oil and gas industry was rising, and petrol was $2 (£1.67) per gallon in a majority of States.

President Joe Biden declined to comment on his administration is butchering America from the inside out.

The rising petrol prices in America has been consistently referred to by voters in the country's political polls as the Mid-Term Elections are due to take place later this year.