Insight into Ukrainian Conflict: Reports from the Russian Forces' Camp

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Head of Russia’s Wagner Mercenary Group voices concerns over untenable Battle situation

After months of ferocious fighting in Bakhmut the Chief of Russia’s Wagner Private Army, Yevgeny Prigozhin, says his fighters are exhausted and they will withdraw, stating that they will be leaving Bakhmut to field camps to train and rest and that the Russian Defence Ministry will be responsible for the retreat. Prigozhin claims to control all of Bakhmut which the Ukrainians dispute and he also acknowledges losing around 20,000 fighters in the brutal month-long campaign even as the US and Ukraine say the figures are much higher possibly up to 100,000.

Despite the alleged victory in Bakhmut, in a bold comment, Prigozhin says Vladimir Putin’s war is not achieving its core objective of weakening Ukraine expressing that having intended to demilitarize the former USSR member state, now it turns out that on the contrary they have ended up militarizing it instead and now the Ukrainians are one of the strongest Armies in Europe. Prigozhin has also long been attacking Russia’s Elite, accusing them of being corrupt, lazy and not involved in the war. Now, he fears continued losses on the battlefield could lead to a revolution in Russia ending up like in 1917 where first the soldiers rise up and after that their families and friends rise up.

All of this as the war is increasingly affecting Russia’s homeland and Russian’s Defense Ministry today released video footage of what it says was a failed attack on a Russian warship using unmanned speedboats, but Ukraine is yet to comment on the incident. Also, after the brazen cross-border raid by anti-Putin Russian fighters, which Ukraine says it was not involved in, but Russia blames on Kyiv, vowing revenge and continued harsh retaliations. Prigozhin says the attack shows that the Russian military is incapable of protecting the Country’s border expressing that the sabotage and reconnaissance forces calmly entering Russia and uploading videos marching and driving their tanks and armored infantry vehicles shows there may be no safeguard that they shall not enter Moscow

Of course there has been an ongoing feud between Prigozhin and Russa’s Defence Minister Serge Shoigu and once again Prigozhin criticized Shoigu very heavily even calling for him to be replaced, but in the case of this cross-border raid that happened in the Belgorod region there are a lot of Russians that are asking why the Russian Military was not able to prevent it and why it took them so long to come to terms with the situation.