UK making Plans to Curtail influx of Foreign Post-graduates.

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UK Government Officials to bar Foreign Post-graduates from entry for work purposes.

Plans may soon be underway to prevent the unprecedented high rate of influx of Foreign Post graduates into the UK. UK officials have announced plans to stop foreign post-graduates from using student visas as what they call “a back door route to work”.

Some UK universities say that international students are a huge boost to the UK economy highlighting the need to look at the benefits of the situation, the rich exchanges and contributions derived therefrom. Some schools state that it is obvious where the country is missing people with certain required skills and having these international students coming in and supporting the contributions is vital for the University and the local community.

The migration figures published by the UK today will include up to 228,000 Ukrainians who have been given visas after fleeing the war, another 130,000 visas have been given to Hong Kong Nationals fleeing political restrictions. With hundreds of thousands of international Students and workers included the speculation is that the new net migration figures will be a record at around 700,000, a figure unprecedented in modern times especially in Europe and the Middle-East

There have been arguments within government over restricting international work visas for sectors like social care. Many care homes report shortages and want to bring in more foreign staff, but the directors of a few care worker training facilities believe more homegrown workers can and should be found. They argue in advocacy for the hundreds of classrooms 15 or more UK citizens working hard to breakdown all their barriers to make a career for themselves and when the schools churn out these home grown post-graduates they face immense competition for jobs and work roles within homebased companies and organisations.