Kamala Harris Harris Pledges Billions in Climate Funds For Africa

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In addition to private investment totaling some $7 billion, US Vice President Kamala Harris announced that Washington will provide federal investment to boost access to climate information services.

US Vice President Kamala Harris announced a fresh set of private sector investments worth $7 billion to help Africa combat and adapt to the wrath of climate change.

"The United States is committed to these types of innovative solutions to support climate adaptation, mitigation and resilience," she said during a press conference with Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema on Friday.

Harris added that the US would also provide more federal funding to improve access to climate information services.

The announcement came on Friday, and on Saturday the US vice president concluded her week-long trip to the continent, DW reported. The Biden administration has been focussing on building ties and increasing their involvement in the geopolitical aspects of the continent. 

The private funding will comprise investments by a mix of 27 companies and organizations. The funding is to be used for the promotion of climate-smart agriculture and to tackle the effects of climate change on Africa's food security.

Some of the funds will be used for projects in sustainability, clean energy and clean transportation.

Harris' trip marks the fifth high-level visit from the United States to the continent in a short span of a few months.

Numerous studies have established that even though African countries add relatively less towards the climate crisis, the repercussions faced in the continent are substantial.

African countries emit far less greenhouse gasses than developed countries like the United States.

At a press conference in Ghana, Harris was asked how the West could ask Africa to go green and stop using its natural resources. She was also questioned about the commitment of $100 billion in aid from wealthy nations to impoverished countries under the Paris climate accord.

Harris said it is "critically important that, as global leaders, we all speak truth about the disparities that exist in terms of cause and effect and that we address those disparities."