NHL's Alex Ovechkin Breaks Gordie Howe's Single Franchise Scoring Record

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The Washington Capitals Captain Has Beaten Mr Hockey's Record For Scoring The Most Goals Whilst Signed To A Single Team, Which Stood For 51 Years.

The Captain of the NHL East Coast Division team the Washington Capitals, Alex Ovechkin, has just beaten the late Gordie "Mr Hockey" Howe's record for the number of the most goals scored by a single player for a single franchise.

Mr Hockey played 1,687 games for the Detroit Red Wings during his 25 seasons with the Motor City team from 1946 to 1971.

During those 25 seasons and the 1,687 games he played for the Red Wings, he scored 786 goals before briefly retiring from the NHL.

In 1979, he joined the now defunct Hartford Whalers team along with his sons Mark and Marty, where he would get an all time goal scoring record of 801 in 1980 (Which was beaten 14 years later by The Great One himself Wayne Gretzky during his tenure with the Los Angeles Kings in a match against the Vancouver Canucks.), and soon retired from the NHL for good in 1981.

But despite Gretzky breaking his all time goal scoring record back in the mid 1990s, it wasn't until Saturday's match up between the Capitals and the Phoenix Coyotes that Ovechkin broke his most goals scored whilst at a single team record.

Though the achievement itself is worth praising Ovechkin for, it did come at the cost of the Capitals loosing 3-2 that night.

Alex Ovechkin has faced a lot of controversy inside and out of the NHL due to his Russian status and being besties with Russian President, Vladimir Putin, who the UN has deemed a war criminal following the numerous war crimes his army has done (And still is doing) in Ukraine following their invasion eight months ago, with fans and protesters demanding the team get rid of him.

But that hasn't stopped the Capitals from keeping the Russian machine which never breaks for another five years, extending his contract until 2027 and increasing his salary as a result of his accolades with the team he's been loyal toward since 2005.