Madonna Celebrates Life a Year After Serious Bacterial Infection and Hospitalisation

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Madonna has shared her gratitude for life after a challenging health experience last year, which saw her hospitalised with a bacterial infection that disrupted her tour schedule.

The 'Queen of Pop' caused concern among fans last June when she was struck by a "serious bacterial infection", resulting in the postponement of her global tour due to her reportedly "constantly pushing herself" too hard.

The music icon's health scare made headlines, revealing that Madonna was "intubated" and spent at least one night in hospital, supported by her daughter Lourdes during this difficult period. Intubation involves inserting a tube through the mouth or nose into the trachea to maintain an open airway.

After being admitted to the ICU and undergoing intubation, Madonna was initially found "unresponsive" but has since been recovering at home under medical supervision, as reported by Mirror US.

Madonna's manager, Guy Oseary, confirmed her recovery post-ICU, stating: "Her health is improving, although she remains under medical care."

He reassured fans that "A full recovery is expected," and indeed, it has been achieved.

Reflecting on her journey to recovery, Madonna shared: "A year ago today, I had just returned home from hospital after surviving a life-threatening illness. I could barely stand in my backyard holding one sparkler."

Madonna expressed her gratitude in a heartfelt message, saying: "I made a miraculous recovery and had an amazing year. Thank you, God. Life is beautiful! Happy 4th of July," alongside a series of photos from her Independence Day celebrations.

The Queen of Pop was photographed enjoying the 4th of July with her loved ones at The Standard, High Line in New York City. Wearing a stunning red satin ensemble, Madonna let her golden tresses flow freely in a tousled style, cascading over her shoulders.

Fans responded enthusiastically to the celebratory photos, with one admirer commenting: "God save the Queen."

Another added with enthusiasm: "What a difference a year can make! Heck, what a difference a f---ing minute can make! You are a miracle."

A third fan wrote: "Madonna will forever be the Queen of Pop," while a fourth said: "You taught me to fight. You are perfection incarnate." A fifth fan penned: "You give us hope and inspiration, Queen."