50 Miners Trapped Underground as Mining Pit Collapses in Niger

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50 miners trapped underground in Niger State after pit collapse. Rescue hampered by security issues. 1 dead, 6 rescued. Concerns for safety. Bandit attacks reported nearby.

Around 50 miners are believed to be trapped underground following the collapse of a mining pit in the Galkogo community, Shiroro local government area of Niger State. The mining site, which belongs to "African Minerals and Logistics Limited," collapsed on Sunday evening after heavy rainfall, burying the miners underground. Among those trapped since Sunday night is Alhaji Ibrahim Ishaku, the site manager. Tragically, a middle-aged man named ii Kuta, the chief security officer of the mining company, lost his life while attempting to rescue victims.

Six individuals were eventually rescued with various injuries and are currently receiving treatment at a government health facility. During manual rescue operations, another section of the pit collapsed, forcing rescuers to halt their efforts and evacuate for safety. As of Tuesday, all 50 victims remain trapped underground, raising concerns about their well-being.

Mallam Hussaini Ibrahim, the Public Relations Officer of the state emergency management agency, confirmed the incident, highlighting the challenges posed by the region's security situation, which hampers rescue efforts. Excavators have been deployed for the ongoing rescue operations. Furthermore, there were reported bandit attacks in Adogo Mallam village and Tunga Kawo village, resulting in kidnappings and cattle rustling.