Sylvester Belt Shares Insights on Eurovision Experience

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The evening following the 2024 Eurovision Grand Final, Lithuanian representative Sylvester Belt shared a tweet detailing his emotional experience following his performance. Now back in Lithuania, he has provided further reassuring insights into his overall Eurovision journey.

Sylvester Belt Reflects on Eurovision Journey

Following the Eurovision Grand Final, Lithuanian representative Sylvester Belt took to Twitter to share his emotional response to the night's events. Describing it as a "traumatic experience" and one of the "worst things" he had faced, Sylvester highlighted the intense atmosphere in the arena, particularly after the performance by Israel, which preceded Lithuania in the running order. The arena was reportedly filled with tension and mixed reactions, including boos and supportive cheers.

Despite the challenging atmosphere, Sylvester had to quickly compose himself backstage and prepare to perform his song "Luktelk" on stage.

Upon returning to Lithuania on 12th May, Sylvester addressed the press and discussed his Eurovision experience. He acknowledged the difficulties he faced during the competition but emphasized his determination to focus on delivering a performance that would make his country proud. Sylvester expressed gratitude towards his team for their unwavering support, without which he believed he would have struggled even more.

Looking ahead, Sylvester mentioned that he had no immediate plans to participate in Eurovision again in the near future. However, he cherished the positive aspects of his journey, such as the camaraderie with his team, the strong support network, and the new connections forged during the event. He expressed hope that these connections would endure beyond the competition, unlike fleeting relationships often formed in summer camps.