Germany: Soldier Surrenders After Overnight Shooting Leaves 4 Dead

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Lower Saxony police and prosecutors report that a Bundeswehr soldier surrendered after four individuals, including a child, were fatally shot at two different locations overnight.

On Friday, police and public prosecutors announced that a soldier from the Bundeswehr is under suspicion for the overnight killing of four individuals in Lower Saxony, Germany.

The Rotenburg police and the prosecutor's office in Verden released a joint statement confirming that among the four deceased individuals found at two separate locations on Friday morning, one of them was a child.

The shootings occurred at two residential addresses, one in Westervesede and the other in Bothel.

Authorities stated in a joint statement that the suspected Bundeswehr soldier turned himself in shortly after the crimes and was subsequently arrested by police officers.

Authorities stated that investigations were ongoing. "The motive of the perpetrator is currently not definitively known. A motive based on familial ties cannot be ruled out," police and prosecutors reported.

On Friday morning, investigators were present near the von-Düring Kaserne barracks to the northwest of Rotenburg, a town of approximately 22,000 people located to the east of Bremen.

A black car parked outside the barracks, containing ammunition and other materials, seemed to be a focal point of the investigation. Its doors and tailgate were open, and a pile of materials from inside the car was arranged outside as forensic investigators carefully examined the scene.