9 Outstanding Ways To Start A Successful Travel Blog

Do you have any preferred blogs or bloggers? Do the names Brian Kelly, Kiersten Rich, or Murad and Nataly Osmann mean anything to you? Would you like to become as famous as the bloggers from One Mile at a Time, View from the Wing, I Am Aileen or Local Adventurer? Behind these names, we have some great people standing. They are all mad about traveling. Only if this type of leisure is your hobby and inspiration, you have a chance to survive in the harch travel industry. From one side, a potential blogger may suffer all alone having no support; from the other side, there are some websites

The challenge is far more complicated as the authorities that rank the top traveling blogs possess many different evaluation criteria, and it is almost impossible to meet all of them. Here are just some of the criteria to consider:

  • Alexa scores
  • Number of Twitter followers
  • Amount of Facebook likes
  • In-bound Google links
  • Estimated traffic
  • Unique design

Aren’t you going up? That is right – and we have some recommendations to make your next journey a piece of cake!

To begin with, an enthusiastic should possess some critical skills in addition to his or her ambitions. It can be a group of individuals to give a kick-start to the “startup.” Anyway, these people should share the following set of skills:

  • Excellent creative writing
  • Marketing
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • Front-end development
  • Web design

Of course, it is hard to imagine a living human who is equally competent in all spheres. Thus, a reliable, competent team is in the first place after the idea. The idea is what pushes the entire process.

Be ready that you will have to pass a long, thorny way. Keep in mind that it usually takes around 2 years to start earning good money from a blogging activity (the examples are the blogs listed above). Of course, some people kick-start impressively and manage to gain impressive incomes earlier, but it is rather hard.

One of the easiest ways is to purchase a ready blog. However, you should be a field expert to check its metrics and decide whether it is worth your time and money. Be ready that you will have to rewrite most of the materials or even EVERYTHING. People usually buy prepared solutions because of the attractive design. As for the content, it is better to optimize one in any case.

These 9 Tips Will Never Let You Fal

1. Plan your content. It is best to have at least monthly plan. It is better to involas many types of content as possible to generate more traffic (images, infographics, videos, banners, SEO texts, descriptions, interviews, etc.)

2. Learn what your rivals are telling people. Come as a guest or even follow the successful competitors not to miss a thing. It is better to combine their ideas to win a jackpot!

3. Post new blogs every day. Most experts working in the field of SMM say that it is better to have a new blog posted on your website every three days. Otherwise, people may lose interest in your project.

4. If you purchase a ready solution, optimize the entire content based on these apps:

  • Grammarly
  • Copyscape
  • Advego (for SEO)
  • ContentYoda

5. Each time you are done with another blog, scan it with the help of effective grammar checker. Fix any grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. You should also edit the structure and check the overall organization to make it correspond to the basic requirements.

6. Even though you deal with the creative writing, try to avoid using too much informal language like slang or jargon. Make your blogs understandable for non-English speakers as well to gain more followers around the world.

7. Focus on visual content. Any travel blog will fail without images and videos TAKEN by its author. The content copied from the Internet will not work. Even those pictures that do not have watermarks look too suspicious and unpersuasive when stolen from other websites. Common, you can take quality photos and videos with the help of most modern smartphone cameras. Never post an image of low quality!

8. Hire professional writers online if you need to deal with numerous content. It may happen once your blog becomes more or less popular. You should warm up the interest of the target audience each new day!

9. Provide links to the trusted websites and services to increase the credibility of your brand. They could be, for instance, the websites of the traveling agencies offering the most attractive discounts and best tourism services.

We have prepared the extracts from the most interesting interviews with the successful bloggers. They prefer to hide their names as, according to their worlds, they believe users will find and read their articles anyway.

Just before I launched personal travel blog to describe my journeys step-by-step, I had 0 writing experience. I am not kidding: I had the lowest scores on my English essays back in school. However, I managed to improve the situation significantly thanks to the online tutors. My family moved from a non-English region, so I had to survive my first few years in college. One of my tutors recommended attending some IT courses to master the basics of programming in order to create the simplest blog on WordPress first. I took a year-long round-the-world trip in several years, and all I did was writing stories in Word every day. That was enough for me to create a blog and quit traveling for about five years! You see, you only have to travel once to get inspired by the beauties of the world! I would recommend practicing writing every day while on vacation.

When I posted my first blog, I was all desperate as it did not attract any likes or comments for the first few weeks. My friend recommended me optimizing the text according to several criteria: density of keywords, wordiness, wateriness, specific shares, readability, and monotony of the text. A new strategy helped me to choose a right direction, and today I have more than 5,000 original traffic each day.

The most important thing while working on any creative piece is to remain vulnerable. Be yourself no matter how unconfident you may feel. Discover a way to express the way you talk and react to various things while on a trip. Look for the ways to provide the followers with a new perspective. You can relate travelling with career opportunities or education, for instance. Always stress how the things you talk about helped in your professional development. Show what other similar blogs DO NOT HAVE YET! Here is a small bonus from me: refer to the instruments like Google Keyword Planner when working on another article. Always assess the results.

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