6 Games That You Should Play On Your Laptop

There would be times when you just want to let go and escape reality. Playing games on your laptop are an excellent way to do exactly that. There is nothing wrong with being a couch potato for some hours if you had a truly stressful day. Video games can also entertain you if you are tired of waiting for an important appointment and want to kill some time. Scientifically too, video games are an excellent tool to increase concentration and nerve mobility. Therefore, to get you started, here are some video games that you just have to try.

1. Risk Of Rain

You won’t need much when you play this game on your gaming laptop because no mouse or separate controller is required here. This is keyboard only game that is not only thrilling to play but will test you every time you are on the screen. An action based game that increases difficulty as you proceed; Risk of Rain is all about finding the perfect balance and lasting long enough to gain enough XP before your enemies’ gun you down. The eight but graphics are another plus and can run on any kind of hardware easily.

2. Civilization 5

Your laptop should have an Intel Core i3 processor or higher for this game to run. This is a strategy based game that has enough details to hook you up all, therefore, you need to have a complete edition when you buy this game. A touchpad is not a handicap when it comes to this game as you can navigate very easily. If you want to think more while playing, go for Civilization 

3. Owlboy

Owlboy are for gamers who are open to trying something different than their usual alley. This game has brighter graphics, is faster and also very new in terms of innovation. Owlboy defines modernity and can run on any kind of hardware. You also don’t need to install additional programming software to run this game on your gaming laptop. Another good thing is that the game will not take too much of your storage space as it only requires 600 MB to run.

4. Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

This game is an epitome of what could only be described as a virtual catharsis. It does get repetitive sometimes but overall, this game is basically an undisturbed, continuous slaying of Orks—from the start to the end. This game is quite ancient if you compare it to the present times but it works great on sixth or seventh generation laptops.

5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley has all the required features to work on a great resolution on all kinds of hardware. You will require about two GB of RAM and an additional two hundred and fifty-six MB of video memory to run this game. This game can be played effortlessly with the keyword itself and therefore you don’t have to carry your mouse or controller wherever you go.

6. Dungeon Keeper 2

A strategy based game with a unique sense of humor is Dungeon Keeper 2 in a nutshell. You will need a mouse to play this game effortlessly but if you are expert enough, a keyboard will also do. A sequel to Dungeon Keeper, this game is so much better than its predecessor in terms of the graphics, the levels, and the mods. If you want to have an endless adventure sitting right in your home, do buy this game.
The above were some games that you must play at least once on your gaming laptop. We hope the aforementioned inspired you in some way and do comment below to let us know your thoughts.
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