Surviving Beastie Boy Ad-Rock Tells Fans He Will Not Reform The Group Amid Renewed DFL Chart Success

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(First Published On August 5th 2022) (Edited On August 27th 2022) Dead Fucking Last's Songs Have Resurfaced On The Billboard Hot 100 Following The Band's Reunion In 2013

One of the two remaining members of rap trio the Beastie Boys, Adam "Ad-Rock" Horovitz has told loyal fans of his old group: "I won't reform The Beastie Boys", after his side band Dead Fucking Last reentered the Billboard Hot 100.

The Beastie Boys rocked the city of New York and the suburbs of America along with the wider world from 1981 until the death of Adam "MCA" Yauch in 2012, after the mastermind behind the group was diagnosed with throat cancer.

Dead Fucking Last was formed in 1991 as a side band by Ad-Rock and joined by Amery Smith, Brian Baker, Chris Wagner, Eugene Gore, Monte Messex, Tom Barta, Tom Davis, Tony Converse, and fellow surviving Beastie Boy, Michael "Mike-D" Diamond.

The band was dissolved in 1999, but has since reunited performing both their classic singles and making new material as recently as 2021.

But with the resurgence of Dead Fucking Last, came Beastie Boys fans wondering if any of the rap trio's hits would be covered by the surviving Beastie Boy.

Ad-Rock has addressed the situation by saying: "I understand that when people see me and/or Mike-D performing on a stage somewhere, be it solo or with DFL, they get giddy about the possibility of the Beastie Boys returning to New York City.

They won't be returning.

MCA was the lifeblood of the band, we were just his lackeys.

I and Mike-D have debated for the last 10 years if we should hire a sound-a-like to replace him, similar to what Queen did after the passing of Freddy Mercury.

But every time we come to the conclusion that it just wouldn't be the same without him.

So unless we could clone ourselves and revive MCA, neither I or Mike-D will be reforming the Beastie Boys".