Ethiopia's Prime Minister Condemns Mass Genocide In Oromia

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400 People Have Been Killed During A Genocide Campaign Alleged To Be Carried Out By Rebels In The Area

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Aiby Ahmed, has issued a statement of: “Shock and disapproval”, after 400 people were killed in Oromia.

The government claims that they were killed by members of the Oromo People's Army (OPA) carried out the ethnic cleansing of their own people in a false flag attack, whilst the OPA have accused Ethiopian soldiers of executing unarmed villagers in an attempt to find OPA members among them.

The public favouring the OPA have directed their anger towards the government, accusing Aiby Ahmed of authorising the genocide.

News of the genocide initially spread after a truce was declared between Addis Ababa and Tigray, who've been fighting a civil war for months.

With many claiming that the news of genocide is a political stunt to break the ceasefire established during peace talks, which the government denies. 

The UN has probed both the Ethiopian government and the OPA, as they investigate the genocide.