Royal Courts Of Justice Rule In Favour Of The Government Against Kellogg's Over Sugary Cereals

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Kellogg's Had Attempted To The Sue The Government, Claiming That Their Cereals Weren't Packed With Excess Amounts Of Sugar And Artificial Sweeteners.

The cereal magnate Kellogg's has lost it's battle against the British government over promoting sugary cereals, after the Royal Court of Justice in London ruled in favour of the government.

The lawsuit from Kellogg's came after the government implemented a law restricting the in store advertisement of sugar filled cereals, restricting them to a middle of the enisle position on grocery store shelves.

This Kellogg's claimed was: “An act by the British government to decrease much needed profits during this era of Covid-19 and out of control inflation”.

The breakfast food company claimed that the use of dry state measuring of their sugary cereals didn't reflect the actual amount of sugar a kid or young adult would consume after adding milk, a claim the court ruled as: “False”.

Kellogg's has reacted to the verdict by saying: “We're disappointed with the ruling.

It makes very little sense to us that consumers can still by sugary doughnuts and sweets, which are still in prime in store advertising spots, yet breakfast cereals are deemed to be the source of childhood obesity.

What's stopping people from adding in their own sugar at home?

Absolutely nothing”.

In contrast a spokesman from the Department of Health and Social Care stated that: “With the combined force of volume price restrictions, sugar taxes, and non-promoting placements in supermarkets.

These changes will protect children up and down the country from products high in fat, sugar, and/or salt”.