Russia Becomes China's Majority Oil Supplier

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The Two Nations Have Agreed On A New Oil Deal That See's China Import 80% Of It's Oil From The Kremlin's Stash

The Chinese government has begun to import 70% of it's oil from their Northern ally Russia, making the Eurasian country the CCP's biggest oil provider.

The money generated by the deal struck will undoubtedly be used to fund Vladimir Putin's bloody war in Ukraine, something that has not gone over the head of it's president Volodymyr Zelensky.

The Chinese have as a result cancelled it's existing deal with Saudi Arabia, commenting that: “It is both easier and cheaper to buy in bulk from Russia and have it delivered to China by land, rather than buying a tiny amount from the Saudis and risking the ship sinking or being boarded by pirates who stalk the Red Sea”.

China's enemy to the south in the form of India has also taken the opportunity to import cheap Russian oil.

As the west boycotts Russian oil, the large stockpile has made Siberian Crude drop in value, which though good in the eyes of the west, has had the unintended side effect of that same cheap oil to be sold to Putin's allies instead.

NATO and the UN have put pressure on the Chinese and Indians to stop buying Russian oil, both have refused this demand by the west.