How Does A Hungarian Prime Minister Become Popular In Texas?

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Viktor Orban May Get Booed In Europe, But He's Got Adoring Fans In The United States.

The Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, received a warm welcome to the CPAC conservative conference in the US State of Texas, an event where conservative and right leaning politicians and activists gather and congregate over their ideals of Traditionalism, Thatcherism, religion, etc.

Orban is seen by his EU colleagues as being a: "Neo-Nazi", who was the only EU leader to back Donald Trump in 2016, the only EU leader to throw shade at Volodymyr Zelesnky: The Ukrainian President, and the only EU leader to oppose sanctions on Russia which he said: "Would hurt the EU more than Russia".

His opposition to LGBTQ+ rights, the rising population of Africans and Muslims in Europe, and communism hasn't earned him any fans in Brussels either, but he as gained a cult following in America's conservative and far-right community who invited the Hungarian PM to speak at the 2022 CPAC conference as the guest of honour.

Despite earlier dealings with the Trump Administration between 2016 and 2020, Viktor Orban was only discovered by mainstream Republicans in 2021.

When the US based conservative media outlet Fox News came to Budapest along with their host Tucker Carlson, Carlson went into detail about the Hungarian PM, calling him: "The only EU leader who publicly identifies as a western style conservative".

With Carlson's interview with Orban being widely watched by Americans, they saw a man in Europe who praised their way of life instead of calling it: "Backwards" or "Bigoted".

During the CPAC conference, Orban was able once again to rub shoulders with Donald Trump and other Republican Party higher-ups.

Viktor Orban stated during the conference that: "Homosexuality is a plague, a parasite that cannot survive without feeding on a host.

They want that host to be young children, teenagers going through emotional challenges, and young adults who're deeply depressed.

Gays cannot bear a child of their own, so they take ours away from us".

Orban then commented on the increasing population of Africans and Muslims in Europe, stating: "Europe: The continent which has been ruled and inhabited by the white man since the dawn of time.

Is now being overrun with black and Muslim illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers who steal our jobs, rape our women, and bastardize what it means to be European.

We must not allow this rape of Europe by blacks and Muslims to continue, otherwise the continent end up like South Africa after Mandela and his ANC bandits took power, Zimbabwe after Rhodesian rule was overthrown, and your great nation after the Great Migration of blacks from the vanquished Confederate States of America (who were holding them back) ruined your cities and towns with crime and so-called hoods".

The current US President, Joe Biden, and EU leaders have condemned Orban's speech as being: "Disturbingly racist to the highest degree of intolerance and offense possible by any politician in the 21st Century".