Ukrainian Grain Magnate Oleksiy Vadatursky Has Died Aged 74 After Being Hit By Russian Missile

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Oleksiy Along With His Wife Raisa Were Killed After A Russian Missile Hit Their Home In A Deliberate Russian Act To Slow Down Already Constrained Ukrainian Grain Exports

One of Ukraine's richest businessmen and the largest distributor of Ukrainian grain Oleksiy Vadatursky has died aged 74, after a Russian missile hit the tycoon's house killing him and his wife Raisa.

The Hero of Ukraine award recipient owned Nibulon, the company responsible for a majority of the country's grain and wheat exports.

Vadatursky was killed during a missile barrage on the city of Mykolaiv, which damaged a hotel, sports centre, two schools, homes, and a service station.

The Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, has accused Moscow of assassinating Oleksiy via guided missiles.

With Zelensky stating in a video published after the attack: "We believe Russia had deliberately targeted Oleksiy Vadatursky, due to his deep knowledge and ties within our country's grain and wheat industry.
We formally accuse my counterpart in Russia, Vladimir Putin, of using guided missiles to murder a man simply due to his job".

The Russian President has denied all allegations leveled towards him surrounding the death of Oleskiy.