Dragon's Den Cast Member Hilary Devey Has Died In Morocco Aged 65

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The Dragon Had Died After Battling A Strange Illness

The former Dragon from the long running BBC show Dragon's Den, Hilary Devey, has died aged 65 whilst at her holiday home in the North African nation of Morocco.

The shipping magnate turned investor had been battling a long yet strange illness, what it was has not been confirmed by British and/or Moroccan authorities.

The cities of Bolton and Leeds, where she was born and raised respectively, went into mourning.

The BBC also paid tribute to the former Dragon stating that: “When Hilary entered the Den in 2011 she was formidable, fiery, and completely unforgettable.

A tough talking Dragon who never minced her words, she also always saw the person behind the product and was such an encouraging mentor and investor to so many entrepreneurs.

A hugely successful businesswoman and television expert, she will be missed by all who knew her and benefited from her wise words and experience”.