Two Iranians and Pakistani Sentenced to 25 Years in Jail for Drug Trafficking in Seychelles

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In December 2023, the Seychelles Coast Guard apprehended the three convicts near Mahe Island and confiscated a shipment weighing 188 kilograms, containing heroin, hashish, cannabis, and methamphetamine.

The Seychelles Supreme Court has sentenced two Iranians and a Pakistani man to 25 years in prison for the importation of illegal drugs. All three convicts were apprehended along with five others by the Seychelles Coast Guard on December 28, 2023, aboard a vessel located northeast of Denis Island, 60 kilometers north of the main island of Mahe. The crew was in possession of a consignment weighing 188 kilograms, which included 151 kilograms of hashish, 22 kilograms of heroin, 12 kilograms of cannabis, and 3 kilograms of methamphetamine.

In addition to the drugs, they were also found with GPS equipment, a satellite phone, and three mobile phones. The two Iranians, 42-year-old Mohammad Chiray, captain of the vessel, and his compatriot Abdul Wahid Raesee, a fisherman, along with Pakistani national Sinkander Baloch, aged 25, pleaded guilty to eight charges brought against them. The court determined that they conspired with others to commit the offense of drug importation in May 2023.

Chief Justice Rony Govinden, presiding over the case, emphasized that the evidence clearly demonstrated the importation of controlled substances into Seychelles by the convicted individuals.