New Wave of Evacuations in Gaza City Amid Intensified Bombing

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Palestinians in Gaza City fled amid Israeli evacuation orders and intensified bombing. Civilian casualties are reported as airstrikes hit residential areas. The conflict began with Hamas' attack on Israel, prompting evacuations but leaving many trapped. The humanitarian crisis worsens with ongoing violence.

Palestinians in Gaza City were forced to flee their homes on Thursday following Israeli evacuation orders and escalated bombing campaigns. The Israeli military issued fresh directives targeting neighborhoods like Shijaiyah, which had already been significantly depopulated earlier in the conflict.

Um Atef, one of the displaced residents, described the harrowing scene: "The missiles struck us, and that's when we fled. There have been casualties, with houses collapsing on their inhabitants. Honestly, we don't know where to go."

Mahmoud Daher, another displaced person, recounted the sudden evacuation: "They started calling us, telling us to evacuate from East al-Tuffah and East al-Shijaiyah, and so we did. There were casualties and injuries, and people were trapped, unable to leave. The casualties from earlier in the day were left behind. It's too dangerous for anyone to try to reach that area."

First responders from Gaza's Civil Defense, operating under the Hamas-run government, reported that airstrikes had struck five homes, resulting in at least three deaths and six injuries. Rescue teams continue to sift through the rubble in hopes of finding survivors.

This latest round of bombing follows heavy attacks on Gaza City since the conflict's outset, sparked by Hamas' unexpected assault on Israel on October 7. Subsequently, Israel ordered the evacuation of all of northern Gaza, including Gaza City, the territory's largest urban center.

Despite the evacuation orders, hundreds of thousands of people have chosen to remain in northern Gaza, even as Israeli troops have encircled and largely isolated the area. Videos posted by residents of Shijaiyah showed large groups of people fleeing the neighborhood on foot, carrying their possessions with them.

There has been no immediate update from Gaza's Health Ministry, responsible for monitoring and reporting casualties resulting from the ongoing conflict.

The humanitarian situation remains dire, with many families displaced and struggling to find safety amidst the continuing violence.